1998 Lexus GS400 Q&A

1998 Lexus GS400 Question: 98 lexus gs400 codes po300,301,303,305,307 and 1349, can any body advise

i have a 98 lexus gs 400, its idleing rugh and running the same way, it has 173000 miles. I'll really apreciate it if anybody can advise what may be the problem -
Answer 1
you have misfirss on almost every cyl i rec a diag from your mech instead of guessing. -
Answer 2
the left cam is out of time. the timing belt jumped or the VVT solenoid is bad ,that's on top front of the valve cover with a wire connector going into it. Lastly it could be the cam tube gears are stuck but that's the last thing it could be . -