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1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Question: 98 chevy 4.3l leaking coolant (not visible)and making tick noise on cold startup

i have been having to add about 1/2 pint of coolant in the resevoir daily. also when i start my truck up from cold (at least 4 hours from previous driving) it makes a low pitched "tick" noise some what of a "knock" is coolant leaking into a cylinder?? it doesnt puff white smoke. the oil on the dipstick looks good. could it be lifter noise?? P.S. the water pump was done about 20K ago. intake manifold gaskets around 15K ago (it did overheat at that time) -
Answer 1
possibly an issue with the intake manifold gasket...they are tricky to seal right. -
Answer 2
I would pressure test cooling system if no visible leaks then take plugs out crank it over with the pressure still on and see if any anti freeze spews out of the cyl -
Answer 3
agree with #2 and ticking noise may be a small exh leak at manifold -