98 Acura TL Multiple short cranking attempts required on DAMP mornings to start. on 1998 Acura TL

I purchased a used high mileage 98 Acura TL with 2.5 but seems to be in overall great mechanical condition. Several weeks later on a very humid/damp morning, it simply would not start in its usual short -less than 2 seconds -starting cycle. After numerous attempts of off/back on/crank cycles it did start. Has happened a few times since but always starts eventually. The problem only seemed to occur on really damp or high humidity mornings. I had a similar problem with a 92 Honda Accord, but resoldering a broken/cold solder joint on a main relay (posibly a fuel relay) way up under dash on driver side corrected that problem for good. My online research suggest a faulty coil wire in a main fuel pump relay for this vehicle as well. Anyone have a similar problem and know a likely fix? If so, I would REALLY like to hear from you. I am a DIYer mechanic and actually taught basic automotive mechanics at the HS and college leverl years ago.

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