97 Sable Rad Fans on 1997 Mercury Sable

Should my cooling fans stay running all the time and therefore I do not get enough heat inside the car? Is there a relay or sensor and where are they located, how do you check them. I just recently changed my thermostat twice so I know its not that.

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Cooling system Fans will turn on when two conditions are met. First condition when the Air conditioner is turned on, Cooling system fans will turned on when an Air Conditioner switch closes electronically it activates air conditioner compressor and cooling system fans using relays. Second condition Computer receives a temperature signal from Coolant temperature sensor and when it reaches a certain temperature it activates a relay that turns on cooling fans. It is best to have a qualified Mechanic inspect your Electrical cooling system.
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mine was doing the same thing you got to get someone with a code reader any mechanic will have one and get the codes cleared off anytime you have any motor or trans work or change done