(97 jeep wrangler six cylinder to start when cold on 1997 Jeep Wrangler

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When cold i have to push throttle all the way to floor to get it to start then i have to hold part throttle untill it warms up maybe 5 min after it is running on its own it runs great i have changed the air control from jeep i have on other issue with car also while it is getting warm it runs ruff it does not set any codes at any time prob is only i first start of the day but the temp is getting colder so i think the prob will get worse thanks ed
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Need scanner with live data hooked up when cold to check cts. May be out of range.
Leave it at a repair shop for a day or so and let them check it out.
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you could have fuel issues in cyl's or poss water in cyl's also. start with compression test and cyl leak down test
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