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1997 Toyota Camry Question: 97 camry oil leak (not cam, crank or oil pump seal)

I have a bad oil leak (1 qt in 15 miles. Replaced camshaft, crankshaft and oil pump seals. With timing cover off, engine running I can see oil running down the cover of the oil pump, but cannot tell where it is originating. Definetely above crankshaft and it doesn't appear that is is running across from the camshaft. Any suggestions? -
Answer 1
If your sure its not the gasket set leaking http://www.napaonline.com/MasterPages/NOLMaster.aspx?PageId=470&LineCode=ATM&PartNumber=057695G&Description=Oil+Pump+Mounting+Gasket the pump body looks like its aluminum and maybe it has a hairline crack in it, sometimes over tightening will crack the case -
Answer 2
Your oil pump is two pieces. The two halves are sealed with an o-ring. This ages and cracks. The oil comes from between the two halves of the oil pump(Not the oil pump shaft seal.) If you are handy, just pull the pump, replace seal and put back. I was too afraid of not doing it right and running the engine dry of oil so I bought a new pump. But I tore down the old one to understand the problem(as described above). Very common issue for 1997-2001 4 cyl. Camry. -
Answer 3
can you tell me where the leal is coming from -