1996 BMW Z3 Q&A

1996 BMW Z3 Question: 96 z3 that when I go to get inspected comes up with 4 not ready codes.

I had the cam sensor replaced and was told to do a drive cycle and the codes would clear.I drove 2000 miles and they never cleared.The service light is not on,just not ready codes when they do emissions check -
Answer 1
Here are some articles I wrote on Drive Cycles and what to do about them, You can take them to a good shop, as this is a real problem for people. I do Smog Diagnosis and Repair In California, and it can really be tough to solve what I would call 'Hung Monitors'. http://repairpal.com/drive-cycle-emissions-readiness http://repairpal.com/drive-cycle-how-to-perform-a-basic-drive-cycle http://repairpal.com/Drive-Cycle-Issues here are some shops http://repairpal.com/directory?address=02346&car_brand_names=BMW -