1996 Nissan Sentra Q&A

1996 Nissan Sentra Question: 96 sentra timing chains,gears all have been replaced but it wont start any ideas

everything has been checked firing, fuel,compression but it will not start it just backfires but never starts -
Answer 1
Re-check chain alignment , if it's backfiring(through throttle body) then your valve timing is possibly off. -
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thank you atleast now i have somewhere to start -
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Other thought...........Had an old mitsubishi brought to me years ago , (in pieces) , put it together and was spitting back through intake .....ended up this thing had 3 converters on it and ALL 3 were stopped up causing excessive backpressure (engine can't exhale) loosened exhaust to create a leak and it fired right up. IF you haven't started taking the chain stuff back apart , that might be something to investigate? -