96 Jetta Anti Theft System - Factory Installed on 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

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When I unlock the driver side door, the alarm goes off. I have to shut it off by putting the key in the passenger side door. I've heard the door handle component has to be changed. Any solutions? Or estimates?
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The switch for the alarm is attached to the key cylinder of both front doors, so the driver's door trim panel will need to be removed to inspect the condition of this switch. It may be broken or disconnected from the key cylinder
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll see what I can find. I did take it to a VW dealer. It didn't act up for them so they didn't find anything wrong. They did want to charge $415 to look through the electrical system to see if water/condensation is settling anywhere.
Some wires were frayed and I don't know what the part is called but the hook was broken. Thanks for the answer irvtech.