96 Grand caravan Will not start on 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

As per my previous post I replaced the PCM on my 1996 Grand caravan which started out as PCM not sending a signal to to 2 cyl's on the coil pack. Purchased a reman PCM and it started right up but had a bad miss presumably from the two cylinders that were fouled. Bought and installed new double platinum spark plugs. Now it will not start at all. No check eng. light and no codes to be found. I can hear the fuel pump and there's pressure at the rail. Tested for spark and I have spark. How is this possible with no ignition?

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No injection pulse could be an answer. Did you purchase the PCM because it was diagnosed to be the problem, or just because you decided to. Now you have possibly opened another can of worms. Some Dodge's will need all of the modules reprogrammed so they will communicate with one another. If it hasn't been diagnosed by a professional, then good luck with the guessing.
I think you're right, I should just send it to the dealer. It just baffled me that it ran until I changes the spark plugs
You still didn't eliminate the miss on the cylinders. You were told from another Tech to verify where the fault is before replacing parts. You don't need to just go to the dealer, try find a shop icon on this website and ask some questions if they are capable of doing all for this repair. Good Luck!
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