96 Dodge Ram Van 3500 won't run. Died while driving. Has new fuel pump/full tank on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 3500

Van will start for a moment if you pour gas in motor.

Bad pump, relay or clogged filter...Call the nearest shop for an appointment to diagnose.
that's my answer? I paid good money to have someone tell me to call a shop?
Seriously? Call a shop? That's your answer?
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I had the same problem. In my case the insulation on the harness has worn through between the engine and transmission and two wires had shorted against the frame. I found this by moving the harness around to clear the short with the frame. Later I repaired the harness. Not as bad a job as I thought it would be. Once I found that moving the harness allowed the engine to run, it only took about 4 hours of my amateur labor to repair the harness. No problems since.