96 Buick Skylark. Shift indicator pointer and letters do not light up. on 1996 Buick Skylark

NOTE: updated from prior post, original submission used "lock" up in the question, meant "light" up. All other dash lights work fine. On the shift indicator, neither the "pointer" nor the "letters" light up, i.e. when in drive, it does lock in the drive position, but neither the pointer nor the "D" light up. Same with all other positions.

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do you have a floor shift or column shift. either way its poss the neutral safety switch out of align or the cable out of adj. if its a colunm it could also be the indicator steering colunm
hello: we have a column shift. just as an fyi, we know nothing about auto repair/fixing and depend on sites such as these as well as searching online (hopefully one with diagrams!).
You say that the pointer and letters do not light up, do you mean that they dont line up? If they dont light up but all the other gauges light up then you probably have a blown bulb. If they dont line up you need to remove the knee bolster and realign the pointer by adjusting it on the shift bowl. Dont attempt this if you dont understand what I am talking about as you can snap the delicate guide cable. Ask your mechanic or a local body shop that does dash board work to adjust it for you. How much they will charge will depend on book time, straight time and/or your relationship with the shop.
hello! the pointer and the letters do not light up. they do line up fine (when they did light). all the other lights on the entire dash work fine, just not this.
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the bulb in your shift indicator has failed...need to replace it
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