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1996 Geo Metro Question: 95 geo metro

w/96 3cyl motor.starts idles runs but dogs down @30-35 mph.man.tran -
Answer 1
check fuel pressure -
Answer 2
I would replace fuel filter then check fuel pressure -
Answer 3
What RPM does it start bogging down at? Is it a 'smooth' loss of power or misfiring? Has basic maint. been kept up? -
Comment 1
around 1500rpm.it wants to die giving it more gas. a mechanic installed new valves,gas filter,gas pump,spark plugs to no avail.i'm wondering about thevacuum lines(also have been replaced)motor is a 96 model replacement.car and engine sat for 10 years.had to clean out gas tank and lines -
Comment 2
Check for exhaust restriction , 10 years is lots of time for nests and all sorts of things to get in there. Loosen at manifold down pipe JUST for test purposes and see if there is any difference.Let us know the results. -
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