94 elantra wont start on 1994 Hyundai Elantra

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My 94 Elantra won't start. After replacing the spark plugs, wires, timing belt, and ignition coil pack. It still won't start. It acts like its flooded
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Why did you initially replace the plug, coil pack ,wires and timing belt? Did you replace these parts because the car didn't start beforehand or after replacing the parts did the car not start.
If the car didn't start prior to replacing these parts did the car cut out while driving? Did it just fail to start one morning? Did the car drive poorly and illuminate the Check Engine Light prior to its failure?
Got to get back to basics.
Does car have fuel/spark and mechanical integrity. Crank over the car and see if the car has spark at the spark plug. Crank over the car see if it has fuel pressure. Check compression, is it even in all cylinders. Check engine cranking vacuum.
If all tests OK. Does the Check Engine Light come on when you turn the ignition key to the run position if it doesn't the fuel injection computer doesn't have power (light must illuminate key on position).
i have same problem nobody seems to know answer !!! maybe the timing is out again & valves bent , had done 2 months ago . had check by auto elect . have sprk & fuel