93 Mazda Mx6 cranks but does not turn over. on 1993 Mazda MX-6

I have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs, spark wires, distributor cap, rotor, Main relay fuse, and new battery, and nothing has worked. I went to see if I could get a diagnosis but they said that they could not get any codes. Please, if you have any suggestions let me know. Thank you

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I went through the same thing with my 96 Mazda mx6 2.0 4cyl. If your car has an ignition coil desperate from the distributor then you can do a coil which plugs into the coil line and always give you a spark. If you car is like mine and your ecu sends the signal to the distributor then you can go on eBay.com and purchase an ignition module that goes on your distributor for $26.00 and it'll fix your problem. It's easy to swap them out if you need more help you can contact me here. Hope ive helped. Zoomzoom!