93 grand cherockee only blows from the defrost can not change direction no matt on 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

the b lower only blows through the defroster it will not direct the air to the floor or the dash vents no matter what position is selected it only blows through
the defroster

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The door has been damaged and needs to be checked out. Are your controls manual or electric? Electric my just be a solenoid, manual controls may be the cable or plastic tab on the selector.
my unit is electronic but it seems this control is vacume
there are 3 controlknobs left is fan speed center is the selector knob and has appros six ? small vacume lines approx 1/8 in the right knob is the temp control
Check everything!, leaking lines, dirty connectors. If they're all fine then you have to start disassembly...
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