93 concorde 3.3L V6 air bags deployed now wont start still good condition on 1993 Chrysler Concorde

hit the ditch in deep snow, car turned over once to try to reverse went kapoot, wants to turn over now but just doesn't seem to want to start

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ck codes and post so we can adv
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Do all your dash warning lights come on? Which side ? corner ? of the front did you impact and how much damage? Check undercarriage for wire damage not seen from above.
front passenger side, tire went flat on impact possibly going 20 30 mph nothing to serious just the air bags deployed when I hit, the radiator got pushed back but that's already fixed, the snow on bottom hit pretty hard though i'm jw if there is a sensor that would stop the car from starting after the airbags deployed.... checked all fuses still good, the cars in real good condition yet, it cant be nothing mayjor has to be something simple the starters working it sounds like it want to kick over but it just keeps turning... the only light that got messed up was the front passenger blinker the fiber glass fender broke from a little tree but it didn't hit str8 on kinda just got ripped off the wireing under the radiators fine if that what wire your talking about
Fixed yet?....Can you hear the fuel pump kick on for 2-3 seconds , when you 'bump' the key to crank? Recheck ALL underhood wiring CONNECTORS for tight fit after any of the repairs were done.
it was the wireing needs a strut needs a tire and rim radiators good...