92 Lexus ES-300 on 1992 Lexus ES300

My lexus runs for about a minute and shuts off; Also when it's running gas comes out the exhaust(tail pipe)...
What could be wrong?????

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I had this problem too before. I changed 2 things I replaced the computer and I changed the injectors also the little rubber rings around the injectors, now which one actually solved the problem I don't know. I got all my parts at the you pull and pay junk yard which I payed $10 for the injectors and $25 for the computer.
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Sudden dying could be caused by any number of different problems with your car. Unfortunately, for this kind of problem, there just isn't an easy answer. Could be anything from spark plugs to your engine computer.

The best thing to do is find a good diagnostic technician and have them figure out what needs to be fixed.