92 Jeep wrangler seems to have a fuel system problem. on 1992 Jeep Wrangler

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Noticed a slight intermittent back fire in the carb when shifting into a higher gear. While driving down the highway the day from work it start acting like it was starving for gas and began small burping like backfires in the carb. Ultimately it died on the side on the interstate within 2-3 miles while trying to nurse it off the road. Checked fuel rail. Got gas. But won't fire. Poured a small amount of gas into the carb and it wanted to fire up when I tried to stop. Fuel injector problem? Any suggestion to get started down the right path would be appreciated.
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Sounds more like a fuel pump issue. Fuel present in the fuel rail does not mean that the pump is operating to spec. You have to put a pressure gauge on the fuel test port and check the pump pressure and volume. By the way, was your vehicle near the flood a couple of weeks ago? High humidity and a non vented distributor cap can have condensation build up to the point of ignition failure, just a thought.