1999 Acura TL Q&A

1999 Acura TL Question: 90,000 miles service due. How much should this service be? $289.00 a fair price?

Also, been told that I had to clean EGR passage ($210.00 for a 30 minute job??) and the radiator is apparently leaking. machanic told me had to be replaced?? why not replaced? Help, I am feeling I am getting pulled over. -
Answer 1
go to repairpal estimator for all services you want to know -
Answer 2
Just to put it in perpective...I'm in a shop where I've seen this '30' minute job BUTCHERED because they hurry. You are HOPEFULLY paying to have the job done ONCE CORRECTLY , rather than having more trouble down the road from poor workmanship. Labors cheap. knowing how to do the job right...that's another story. -