85k maintenance on 2002 BMW 325Ci


this car has been maintained regularly by BMW service and the vehicle is in excellent shape ... i've driven it easy since day one.
i'm coming up on my 85k maintenance ...
i know the manual calls for certain items to be evaluated but my question is:

besides the items that are slated to be inspected, what components may be at the age where they need to be replaced beyond the norm?

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The RepairPal common problem page for your 325 is a good resource:

I had a 2001, and I loved it. You can count on a thermostat and front control arm bushings. You also should think about having the transmission inspected, if it's an auto. Otherwise, could be looking at a clutch. Lastly, BMW cooling systems fail, especially the coolant reservoir and the radiators, so be sure to have the system inspected for leaks.