2007 BMW 750Li Q&A

2007 BMW 750Li Question: 750li performances

i have had my 750li for two weeks now. when i purchased the vehicle it drove fine. now it has a lack of power sometimes when it takes off. can someone give me any suggestions to what the problem may be concerning its performance? -
Answer 1
don't buy cheep gas -
Answer 2
Would you describe your driving as soft and easy or aggresive and fast? If you soft pedal this car all the time the computer thinks that is what you want all the time. You have to drive briskly every once in a while to keep the computer from slowing you down. -
Answer 3
This vehicle is very picky with the gas that you use in it. I would only use Super from either Chevron, Shell or QT gas stations. Most other fuels do not have the correct conditioners etc to run properly. I made the mistake of running fuel from Costco for a while when I first purchased mine and had decreased power and pinging in my engine. Took it into the local BMW dealer and was told to only use the fuels I listed above. I changed over and have not had an issue since. -
Answer 4
I had the same problem. was bad gas. Fill up with premium gas and add an octane booster from your local auto parts house. a good quality booster is about $10. -