69,000. could rear brakes and drums really be bad already? on 2005 Cadillac STS

is it possible that my 2005 cadillac sts needs rear brakes and drums @ 69,000 miles? i am hearing a squeak from the left rear wheel when brakes are applied. i am concerned the dealer may be trying to pull a fast one, since they tried once before with my daughters old buick.

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the average life of brakes is 15-20k. 69k is excellent mileage. you must be a good driver to get this much mileage. i would change them as well as the rotors.

hi roy, thank you for easing my mind about this. the car is sitting at the dealer pending my decision. they want $978 for the front and back brakes, with rotors for all four. i about fell off my chair. does this sound in the ballpark? i am so afraid to take it to a midas or similar shop. i baby this car! maybe i am being too cautious?
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There should be discs/pads on the rear also. 69K i a good mileage out of discs and pads even on highway.

thank you zee! i am so clueless, i thought i had drums! the dealer wants $978 to do brakes and rotors for front and back. ouch!
My number is probably.. $800. And that's probably a little high for Illinois. You may want to get another quote or negotiate a little; they may be willing to ease some of the cost.