61.000 miles-just told my racking pinion is leaking, How does this happen? on 2008 Lexus RX350

Just had all new tires installed-4 weeks ago and 3 months before all new brakes done w/diagnostics and all was well. Did someone damage the racking pinion during any of these recent updates?

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Rack & pinion assemblies use rubber seals just like most other components and are often under high pressure (over 1,000 psi), so its not unusual for them to leak. On some models like the GMC Acadia, it common to see them leak as early as 20,000 miles!

However, I would get a second opinion from another shop before I spend that kind of money on an "upsell" from one shop.
Thank you, I will definitely take it to the Lexus dealer...see what they have to say...if they don't mention it I will not...and they love to make money but thus far have not been untruthful. Took it for oil change at different company b/c of price.
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verify the system to determine some lost of oil
Thank you will have someone else check it out first.