60,000 mile service on 2006 Honda Pilot

I am wanting to get a rough estimate as to the cost of this service. I do not want to go to a Honda Dealer for this. I was told that this service takes approximately 5.5 that correct?

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60,000 mile service should be an engine oil and filter change, tire rotation, vehicle inspection, engine air filter and cabin air filter replacement, and probably differential service. Also transmission drain and fill. You could also replace the brake fluid if it has not been done in 3 years. Even with all that work, you are looking at no more than 3.6 - 4.0 hours. Drop the brake fluid service and you're down to 2.6 - 3.2 hours.
In the Maintenance section of my owner's manual it states timing belt replacement and water pump inspection IF driving in extremely HOT > 110F or very COLD <-20F or TOWING. I don't drive in those conditions, but I would look into doing the timing belt water pump before 90K. What's the mileage on your Pilot?
I read that as well - you can certainly do that proactively. You would really have to be in a desert climate or be in an arctic climate I would think. Certainly, trailer towing also increases needed maintenance.