6 track CD problem on 2008 Mercury Milan

When I load my CD in my CD player, I see Reading CD than I see Bad CD and it is ejecting my CD. I brought the car with 50K on it. I have a 25K warranty on it. I have put on 9k so far. First, what is the problem? Is it a laser problem? I used original store brought CD's. I still have the same problem on each track. Let me know. Thanks. My email is lovedocter12309@aol.com

Asked by for the 2008 Mercury Milan
this unit must be removed and either repaired or replaced. your warranty may cover this; but probably does not. if the warranty covers the repair, a shop must handle this; be sure to get their approval first as they will not reimburse you for any repairs done without their
approval. if they will not cover this repair, you need to find a local auto radio repair shop and let them do the repair.