2003 Infiniti G35 Q&A

2003 Infiniti G35 Question: 6-speed shift issue

My G35 with 32K miles will not shift into 2n or back to 1st when cold or for the first 10 minutes/5+ miles driving. Shifts great after warm up. Fluids changed by dealer didn't help. Anyone have an answer - fix?? -
Answer 1
Infiniti don't have any bulletin regarding this problem. Look at your work order. I am sure they used the right oil but no harm in checking. Infiniti have been insistent that only Infiniti/Nissan Manual Transmission Fluid HQ Multi 75W-85, see if the repair order has the part number 999MP-MTF00P. Seem to low a mileage to have synchomesh problems. Call several Infiniti dealerships and ask if they have experienced this. I haven't seen it myself. -