5 speed / no start on 2000 BMW 323Ci

bought car at auctionied to start it and had to put jump box on it and tried to turn it over but the lights would flash but the car wouldnt start. so we thought to try and pull start it and when we put it in gear the car would roll freely no matter what gear. is this a engine problem or a trany problem?

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Just a guess, but the flashing lights might be a sign that the anti theft is engaged and that would prevent you from starting the vehicle no matter what. Best to get it to a BMW service shop(not necessarily a dealer) that has a scan tool and have them test it, that test should tell if the anti theft is indeed in no start mode. Good luck.
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We had the same problem. Our battery was bad! All lights nice and bright, but the car knew there wasn't enough battery power to start the car. We bought a new (large) battery and wala, the car has been fine since.