4wd vs 2wd brakes on 1998 Nissan Pathfinder

Is it more expensive to replace the brakes on a 4wd vehicle.

I'm being charged $1600 for front calipers & pads, to machine the rotors and rear pads because of a leaking cylander. Seems like a lot. An additional $1026 to replace an intake valve that is leaking antifreeze and 2 valve covers leaking oil.


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It is generally more expensive in parts and labor for a 4WD vs. a 2WD vehicle. $1600 for the front calipers, front and rear pads and turn the front rotors appears to be high. Is this a Nissan Dealership?
The parts seem about right. The labor in your area will be around $110 an hour at the dealer, so they are charging around 6-7 hours? You will likely save some cash if you take this to an independent shop. Dealers are good for some repairs, but you will pay top prices for jobs like this, and most any shop can handle this job easily. Overall, they are not charging much more than the industry standard, but they are charging a premium price for their services.
I would ask them how much overlap they deducted for the calipers and front pads and rotors since they overlap in labor time, and this goes for the calipers and rear brake cylinder because they may charge for a brake bleed twice for these two jobs, but should charge once.
Yes it was a Nissan Dealership.
The breakdown is:
Pad kit - disc 85.86
Disc Brake Kit 63.63
Frt/caliper 229.30 x 2
whl/cly 20.30 x 2
rear/shoes 56.30

Labor $762.21