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1997 Ford Explorer Question: "4WD" and "4WD-LOW" lights flashes approximately 5 to 6 times.

I have a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT Autotract 6 cylinder with 222,000 miles. It has automatic transmission, power steering, and ABS. Two days ago I started experiencing a binding sensation from the front end when making a sharp left or right turn. Since then I have noticed that the "4WD" and "4WD LOW" indicating lights flash six times than go out. This repeats at exactly two-minute intervals. While driving the vehicle, I switch to full time 4WD but nothing happens. If I stop, shut it off, starting and put the truck 4WD, and then switch back to Auto it appears to temporarily solve the problem; however, this problem has occurred several times over the past two days, but only at low speed. e.g turning in/out of a parking space. Any idea what may be causing this? -
Answer 1
I would suspect that there is some binding and wind up of your axles due to an issue within your transfer case. The light flashes likely because of the same issue - as the system attempts to shift, there is some kind of failure occuring. With the age and mileage of the truck, it's not terribly surprising. You will need to have a qualified technician examine your 4x4 system. -
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4 years ago I had the exact same issue on my 97 Explorer XLT and it was the transfer case. I had it replaced and it resolved the problem until maybe 2 weeks ago when the lights started flashing again. There isn't any binding or noises but it also will not go into either 4wd High or Low. Just a sensor or do I need the transfer case replaced again? -
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It's possible that you have recurring transfer case issues. Make sure your tires are identical in size and condition, tread depth, etc. Was the transfer case you installed a remanufactured or new unit? Or was it used? -
Answer 2
Check out the serious explorations website for ford explorers. It will show you how to replace the electrical connections going to your transfer case that have become bad. -