1991 GMC S15 Jimmy Q&A

1991 GMC S15 Jimmy Question: 4.3 v6 fuel injected n have gas to the injectors,also spark but no start

i have replaced rotor,cap,wires and sparkplugs.also have new fuel injectors,map sensor throttle position sensor also the hole timing rotor.so lost please help i dont know wat to do next?i also took a test light to all the power and grounds for the fuel injectors and ignition module and every thing works fine and plenty of coil power?? -
Answer 1
poss fuel pressure reg and spider is bad. what is fuel pressure? -
Answer 2
If you spray carb. cleaner into intake hose through air filter box top does it try to start and run? If so fuel problem! If not spark problem! May also be plugged exhaust. One of these three things i bet is the trouble. -