4.3 liter engine bogging down on really hot days almost like vapor lock on 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

we have replaced fuel filter and fuel injector cleaner but still seem to be having problms. It seems to more of an issue after the car has been sitting out in the hot sun. When i take the car out in the morning from the garage - no problems?

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Have a mechanic check the fuel pressure.Pressure should hold after engine is turned off.
if not, problem could be fuel spider under intake manifold. Pressure test should show any pump trouble as well.
ive replaced spider hoses, fuel pump n filter, computer, ign-mod, cata-conv, radi n water-pump, trans, fly-wheel I have taken it to 2 mach shops 1 back-yard mach n the chev dealer it's holding pressure the dealer did diag said it was the ign-mod replaced it nada ... when temp gage reaches normal 1/2 truck start's bogging n when i give it more gas or punch it , it will turn off n it will not start for 4 to 5 hrs , 95 blazer 6cyl it's not over heating , it runs great n sounds great any one know what would cause this ??????
I see everything that has been thrown at this problem but a NEW DISTRIBUTOR!! Complete distributor.
95 year mod. makes a difference!! Stated 02, dist. problems very common!!!! I have fixed a bunch of them.
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there is a cust asst program on the inj spider for 10yrs or 200,000 miles if thats your issue