4 wheel selector switch lights went out, truck no longer shifting, was in 4 hi on 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

I was slightly stuck in my bean field. I tried switching from 4 hi to 4 lo a couple times and the switch lights went out. now it seems to be stuck in between gears or something like that. engine revs but truck only goes slow. had blown transfer case fuse and replaced it. still not working.

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if you blew a fuse there is a short somewhere possiable front axle circuit
You should have been there in March not August.
Something shorted, and needs to be checked. Have the transfer case control module scanned if it will scan. The control module might be compromised now, but testing needs to be done to find the issue of the short.
how can I get it scanned? It started shifting ok today when I was testing it in the driveway. but still stuck in 4 lo. would buying a new switch work or is that short still the problem? guess i'm asking if it could be just the switch went out possibly?
Sure it could, but I don't know of a switch itself blowing the fuse.
ok just wondering, can I remove the control module to get it scanned or do I need to limp the truck to a dealer? I imagine they need to plug into the module itself right? Is their any way I can get it into 2 hi?
Everything needs to be intact to be able to scan it, it cannot be scanned to the module only by the dealer. Anyone with a Tech2 scan tool can read it, if someone closer has one to test it with, if not the dealer will have to do.
ok, is their any way possible to get it into 2 hi? don't want to drive it in 4 lo.
You would have to pull the front driveline off the transfer case and then remove the encoder motor and manually move the switch to be able to drive it in 2wd.
thanks you have been a big help
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