1993 Ford F-150 Q&A

1993 Ford F-150 Question: 4 wheel drive works great when going in a straight line. It dies when I turn.

As soon as I turn it stalls an shakes. -
Answer 1
does it stall in 2 wheel drive also? poss over loading p/s and dragging idle down.ck idle speed should be at like 800 rpm -
Comment 1
It runs and drives great in 2 wheel drive. -
Comment 2
what is your idle speed normally? -
Comment 3
I don't have a tach but a guess would. be abou t 1,100. Could this just be a matter of keeping my rpms up during a slower speed turn since all 4 wheels are driving? -
Answer 2
Manual trans? -
Comment 1
poss binding hubs -