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2002 Ford Escape Question: 4 wheel drive won't engage

We just had 16 inches of snow and I noticed that when the selector switch is in "AWD" or "4WD" the back wheels never turn. The indicator lights are working and the 4wd fuse is OK. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. Brett -
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Hey Brett, I'm having a similar issue, what did you find was wrong with your Escape? Thanks for any help you can provide, High E -
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I haven't had it fixed yet but my mechanic put the car on a lift and everything works fine, the AWD/4WD only fails under torque. He believes that there is a gear broken in the transfer case. Estimated repair cost: $1,500.00. -
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Well that wasn't the answer I was hoping for, but I appreciate your help. I may have to live without 4 wheel drive for awhile. Thank you! -
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this awd system is very sensitive,the clutch in the transfer case is wore out and a new transfer case for my ford dealer in upstate ny is 687.00 takes around 4 hours to replace.Replaced mine my self. -
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Thanks! -