4 wheel drive problem on 1999 GMC Sonoma

I have a 1999 sonoma truck, it kept getting stuck between 2 wheeland 4 wheel drive, so i unpluged the 4 wheel drive so i only have 2 wheel i drove it that way for a long time now i have that loud noise again like its trying to go back into 4 wheel drive if i go above 45 mph it stops what could i do to fix this thank you.

by in Oxford, WI on October 29, 2010
0 answers
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Got minimal information from the guy. He didn't really seem to know about the truck itself. He does know what's wrong with it. There's some rust in the rear left wheel well, not sure how bad it is,...
This is a used truck, I got in Dec. and had brake and rotors pads replaced 4 times, since then....
it happens almost always once in a great while it will go into 4H

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