4 wheel drive only engages four 5 seconds, light flashes, disengages on 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara

When I put it in 4 wheel dirve, it engages for 5 seconds, the 4 wheel light flashes, then it disengages. If you are stuck and need the 4x4, You can repeat the process continuiously until you get unstuck.
I have had the pump replaced twice, no one knows anything about suzukis around this area.

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what pump??

you have something failing and the system sees it. you need a shop to check it for you to determine the failure and give you a bid.

The actuator pump
The "shop" didn't know what they were doing seeing it was foreign. I replaced it twice in 2 months and then they were just going to start replacing what was next in line so I didn't go back.