4 wheel drive on 1995 Mazda B3000

My 4 wheel drive stopped working could you te4ll me if and where the fuse is. I changed the switch on dash board and nothing.

by in Coal Township, PA on August 18, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on September 09, 2010
I'm looking at the wiring diagrams for this truck and I don't see a "4WD" switch. I see a "Transmission Control Switch" and I think that may be it. It's a 10 Amp fuse is in the fuse panel in the dash. There could be other problems in the 4WD system but you should check all dash panel fuses first.
ANSWER by on November 30, 2010
I have seen the four wheel drive engagement motor/solenoid stick from not being used,With the wheels chocked safely to prevent rolling,locate the engagement motor at the transfer case underneath your truck(about the size of a small hairspray can),turn the key to on(do not start),turn 4wheel drive switch to on,then gently tap engage motor on transfer case.May start working.(Also inspect wiring @ the motor for trouble).
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