4 Runner trailer light wiring doesn't work on 1998 Toyota 4Runner

1998 4 Runner w/trailer option. Have never used trailer light power connector until now. Hooked up to trailer w/good light system. Tail lights work, no brake or turn lights. Checked connector on 4 Runner and no power coming out the 2 leads for R + L brake/turn signal lights. What should I fix?

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Sorry I don't have a wiring diagram for the optional tow package but the color of the wire that brings power to both rear brake lights and the third brake light is a green wire with a white trace. I will look tomorrow at work and see if I have a wiring diagram for the tow package.
I found this on the internet and have narrowed it down to a bad coverter box.
I'll try replacing it.

Answer for Chad:
Yes it was the converter box. I ordered on thought an auto parts store for about $50 and replaced it myself.
I used this info:

The only thing to be careful about is when you are pulling the plastic side panels “B” away from the sides of the car, be careful. They are old and brittle and will crack if you exert too much force. Fishing the wires from the 4 pin flat connector “F” was also tricky. Before you remove the old one: Tape a about a 3-4’ piece of wire to the tail of the old wire leading to the old 4 pin plug. Tape it to the tail of the wire inside the trunk. Pull the old wire out through the bumper and out of the car. Tape the tail of the leader wire that you have pulled through the bumper to the small male 4 pin connecter and use the wire to pull the connector back in and up through the bumper. Getting the new “F” wire through the bumper was the hardest part.

It worked great and it was actually fun doing the repair. It’s costs over $300 to have it done by Toyota. Now the trailer lights worked perfectly.

The only thing that I was disappointed about was the fact that I had never used the trailer lights during the first 10 years I owned the vehicle… then when I go to use them, the factory unit was already dead. It seems that this happens a lot to this year and model of 4 runner. Otherwise it’s a great vehicle.

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I am just checking to see if you fixed your issue. Is it the converter box because I have the same 1998 4runner and my trailer lights don't work either. Please let me know what you found out. Thanks,
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I had the EXACT same issue on a '97 4Runner. I have used the hitch since I bought it new in 96. I even have all the official service manuals and NONE describe the wiring of the hitch/taillight converter. I wish I had that PDF (above) before I tore it up! Found the exact hoppy replacement kit online for less than 35 bucks too!