3.6 engine clatters when first starting after sitting .
is there a fix for this? on 2013 Chrysler Town & Country

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lifters appear to be bleading down.Had same thing with dodge Dakota Revised lifters fixed the problem.
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My eoftenxperience with dealers is you best have a good idea of problem ahead of time.Mechanics often
know of the problems but getting manager to ok fix can be a problem.
thanks jim
ps. it took 5-years to get my 87 Dakota fixed
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Determine the location of noise, either in engine left, right, lower or drive belt area. At least to narrow a possible location. We have seen drive belt tension assembly rattles when starting up. so i would check that too.
will double check, appears to be more to drivers's intermittent now.
but seems to fade as oil pressure builds.
thanks jim
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