3.5L engine, Cyl.3 missfires at any condition. Other cylinders working good. on 1994 Chrysler New Yorker

New spark plug and coil installed. Also new crankshaft position sensor. Cyl. compression is OK (12,5 kg as in the neighboring cyl.1). Fuel injectors replaced, spark plug is wet (fuel is comming). The diod connected to fuel injector wire is flashing the same as in other cylinders. So the fuel is coming, the spark plug is working, don't know what is the reason of missfire.

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miss fires are caused by low compression, plug failure, coil failure, injector failure, vacuum leak and in last resorts, pcm failure.
As I wrote before I've tried various plugs, replaced coil wire, change with places fuel injectors. The compression is normal and even higher than in neighbouring cyl#1. The diod-lamp connected to fuel-injector wire is flashing. Could it be the valve-group mulfunction?
you could remove the valve and inspect the rocker arms for the cylinder. was there any noise coming from the motor??

No, Roy, the noise level is normal. Something is ticking but it could be the spark sound also.