3.3 2002 caravan has no spark,i replaced crank sensor still, no spark. on 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

What else can i look? No codes showing..

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check the coil. make sure the connections are good. you may need a shop to checke this out for you.

if there is no or low fuel pressure should i still have spark.
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Do you have fuel pressure?
Did not check, pump comes on momentarily when key is turned on.

Yes I used a generic code if there is no fuel pressure, there will be no spark?
The pump is designed to come on for about 3 seconds and then stop if it does not start. Just because you hear the pump doesn't mean you have fuel. You need to verify spark,fuel pressure and injector pulse.
How do you know that you don't have codes? If you used a generic code reader like the parts houses use it may not read OE enhanced side codes.