3 time with Engine control unit indicator lamp. on 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500

low mileage- gas alway kept at 1/2 tank. Now light has appeared again after van has sit in the same spot for 3 months. Any recalls ? advise- $85.00 for the dio test gets expensive

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The check engine light will turn on anytime the engine control module detects a fault with the engine or emission control system that is severe enough to warrant notifying the driver. For more information on what you check engine light means please see the automotive encyclopedia at under the "helpful hints" section. Unfortunately, each time the light comes on the code must be read and the system affected must be checked. Sometime there are recalls related to certain codes but I am sure there is no overall recall that will keep your check engine light off.
Check under seat unplug control module see if it is wet with fluid . cost me $138.00 fee.
Engine light on than next day off may 2 day then on at same place drive kid to school.
issue with transmission fluid wicking up the harness into the control module and causing the module to malfunction. Usually, the harness from the transmission to the ETC module is replaced and the module is replaced provided the leak is repaired. In some cases this may be more than is actually needed but it usually fixes the concern. Transmission fluid does not actually damage the module and can be flushed away with board cleaning solvent or electrical contact cleaner as a first attempt. Always repair the leak before replacing a module.
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My 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 with the same problem