245,000 road miles. Right axle replaced twice, at 144,000 and again at 244,000. on 2003 Toyota Camry

I drive 100 mi commute each day. Religious about tire/oil/brake maintenance. Starting to have very expensive repairs. At what point do I cut my losses. Also have 2001 Accord with over 286k miles. Need both cars and need to replace one or the other, which year has best performance records for both the newer Accords and the newer Camrys, and which one should I keep and continuing servicing.

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thats your call they are both really well made cars. if it were me i would keep the camry
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Flip a coin! Really, both are equal just keep the one you like best. Either is at the mileage to where they will need some repair, but nothing major since you maintain them well. That is my opinion,i could be wrong!
I agree. Both are good named cars. If the axle is the only issue I'd keep both! An axle needing replaced at 100k miles is normal. The way to kind of save you on repairs is to get lifetime warranties on BOTH PARTS AND LABOR....not just part. That way you could have it replaced again FREE OF CHARGE by your technician. We offer Lifetime parts and labor on many types of repairs. Ask yoour mechanic if he/she does as well...for the future. Let us know if we can help