240,000 in my '05 problem with heater. on 2005 Ford Ranger

Trying to defrost windshield I smell anti-freeze. The windshield fogs up with the smell of anti-freeze. No leaks in the truck that I can see.

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Have the heater core replaced, that's the only fix!
Thanks so much pushrod, that's what I was thinking. Have a great Holiday.
Right back at ya! These used to be a fairly easy to replace so maybe it wont be to bad as far as cost. I know that is welcom news, right here at xmas.
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Bet it is leaking out your drain tube if it's leaking very bad. I hate it when I want to defrost my window and it just makes it worse.
I agree with#1
Yep, we take good care of these trucks. How much is a heater core?
Heater core is done. Need to pull and replace.
Hubby will take care of it. Thank you much. Have a great Holiday!!!!!
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