2207 mazda 5 - suspension problem? on 2007 Mazda Mazda5

have a mazda 5, bought in 9/07. have been very happy, except the tire wear was excessive, just had to replace all four at 24,000. two tires wore outside in, the other tires wore inside out. possible suspension problem?

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I think the non adjustable camber setting on the rear tires are the cause. The suspension is setup this way by Mazda for "zoom.zoom" handling. The rear wheels are tilted in at the top for better stability and handling, especially in corner turns at higher speeds. However, this causes the tires to excessively wear on the inside tread area. I was told that a sister car from Ford (the Focus) does have adjustable linkages that may be able to be retrofitted on your Mazda 5. Check it our with your dealer and with the warranty people at Mazda.