2011 volvo xc70 battery dead after sitting 1 day. on 2003 Volvo XC70

Bought new in 2011, battery has gone dead 15 times.Dealer tells me nothing wrong with battery or alternator and I must drive it every day. Vehicle is kept in garage at all times not used.Sometimes there is a map light on and won't turn off when vehicle is turned off.No diagnostic codes or display info.

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Well hummm, that light is draining the battery down! Turn it off or something! When a battery becomes discharged enough the electrolyte,,stuff inside,, becomes plain water! Unless the garage is heated,.. well you know what happens to water in freezing temptures. Ice will destroy the battery, due to plate warpage inside, regardless of age! May have ruined yours already or damaged it! May need to be replaced. Fix battery drain. Google battery tender!! PCM needs to stay active while parked to retain memory (no relearn) and "CODES" if any are stored.
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If it is left in the garage mostly, then consider a battery disconnect to shut the battery power off while sitting, and flip the disconnect back on when wanting to use the car.
Volvo satellite radio modules had a fault that would drain the battery. Requires a software upgrade to fix. Might be your problem.
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