2010 Versa Hatchback Rear Wheel Alignment on 2010 Nissan Versa

I have a 2010 Versa Hatchback and was told by the dealer that you cannot align the rear wheels, only the front wheels. I use a local tire company named "Expert Tire" to rotate and align the wheels and was told twice that the right rear was out of align and could not be brought into align without installing a shim. Who is telling me the truth?

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I WAS in the market for a Versa or Sentra until I researched them and found both cars have rear wheel alignment problems and, yes, need shims to correct the situation. Google "Sentra alignment problems" and a ton of complaints will surface. The Versa does not have as many complaints, however, it is the same problem as the Sentra from the same company, Nissan. Either fight the dealership to fix it or pay Expert Tire to do it. You do not want to wear your tires down too early nor ruin you axles.