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2010 Jeep Liberty Question: 2010 v6 3.7 sound like a sewing machine????



barryfishing, Chicago, IL, October 23, 2013, 06:53

I had this jeep since new but always at start, sitting 7 hours, it sounds like a rattle for 3 minutes or so. I worked on cars in my younger days and know this is not right. I been told by 2 different dealers it is normal and they all do it. They gave me excuses that the pistons shrink cold and rattle side to side until they heat and expand. I was told it was the over head timing chains rattling until oil hit them. I know others that have the same engine and they always hear knocking sounds at idle that go away on acceleration. It has not gotten any worse in 3 years but the engine has power but just sounds like crap. The dealer says they all do it and that's why they stopped making it. I also notice when they change the oil and first start it up the whole engine growls and grinds for a few seconds like the crank is falling out but goes away fast. Anyone have the similar engine problems. I know with the extended jeep contract they do little engine repairs other then if it blows up and they replace the engine according to the dealer....

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