2010 Lexus RX350 - How difficult is it to remove and replace the battery? on 2010 Lexus RX350

Is there somewhere I can go online for the directions to do so. If I disconnect the battery will it cause any problems with the electronics in the car?

Can you get the vehicle to start ? Most places that sell batteries will install them for free! If you are unsure about it, then by all means have it done!!
I am not having a problem but just purchased the RX350 and was wondering how difficult it is to remove and replace the battery.Also if there can be any problems with electrical if you disconnect the battery other than the normal items like clock, radio, gps etc going blank.
Oh ok, that's a different it's just like anything else...just get the polarity right!!! Then reset everything....At the shop, i use a memory saver that plugs into the power socket to prevent that from happening.